A night out with the Guys at Whitby Entertainment Centrum

A night out with the Guys at Whitby Entertainment Centrum

It’s April and spring fever has arrived! In this month’s blog series, we’ll be sharing different ways to make your dates really sizzle at the Whitby Entertainment Centrum.

Hockey season is drawing to a close and baseball is just starting up. You need a break from work and family and your monthly guy’s night out is in need of some new, exciting stuff. Have no fear! We’ve got ideas and options for you at the Whitby Entertainment Centrum from laid back to exciting. All you have to do is look!

The Laid Back night out

The game is on,  you’re hungry and thirsty. But where to go? Jack Astor’s Whitby is just your ticket, especially if you sit in the bar. With great food, excellent atmosphere and any game you’re looking for, JA’s is just the place to settle in for the night and eat, drink and be merry. Just be sure that you’ve got a DD, because with all those great beers on tap, you might be a while.

Jack Astor's Exterior

A challenging night out

What’s better than hitting the town and destroying your boys in an epic mini golf challenge? Probably not much, which is why, for you adventuresome types, it’ll be worth your while to book at Putting Edge for a night of serious debautched glow in the dark fun. But first, fuel up at Wild Wing. The protein in the wings will fuel your victory against friends who have no idea that you are a hole-in-one master…just don’t tell them before you get there.


Movie night mayhem

Blockbuster season is just around the corner, so what better way to catch all your favourite action stars than with your crew? Start the night out grabbing a bite and a beer at any of the great eateries, then head over to Landmark Cinemas to catch the latest big hit. Quick patio followed by some awesome explosions sounds like a pretty great night to me, no?

Landmark Cinemas Exterior


Whether you’re looking for something wild during a night out, or something laid back to catch up with old friends, we have something for everyone!


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