Livin’ La Vida Hockey

Did you know that Durham Region has had 37 NHLers and that those Durham-born players have won the Stanley Cup a total of 24 times? That's crazy!

Livin’ La Vida Hockey

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When we moved to Brooklin, I had no idea just how much of a hockey town it was. There are pick-up games on every street, hockey talk in every coffee shop, the kids all wear NHL jerseys, and I know at least three coaches. It also turns out that our son is pretty much the only kid we know who doesn’t play the sport. We’ve been given a crash course in all things hockey, and next year, he hopes to start learning to skate himself. That means I’d better brush up on my knowledge, don’t you think?

Did you know that Durham Region has had 37 NHLers and that those Durham-born players have won the Stanley Cup a total of 24 times? That’s crazy!

Thankfully, Durham Region has no lack of fantastic hockey resources for those of us new to the sport. You don’t even have to leave Durham Region to see an exciting hockey game, since the Generals hail from Oshawa and do our region proud every year! (Click here for a full list of Oshawa Generals games.)

But it’s still a really confusing sport to get into when you have exactly zero hockey knowledge like me. So where do I start?

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For absolutely everything hockey-related, start at Pro Hockey Life in Whitby. This store has virtually everything you can imagine: all the latest hockey sticks and skates, protective gear for all players, jerseys and memorabilia. It’s heaven for hockey fans and players of all ages. Selling all the very best brands like CCM, Bauer, Reebok, Warrior, Nike, Easton, Vaughan, Graf, DR, and more, Pro Hockey Life is well-known for their fantastic customer service and helpful knowledge. If you don’t know exactly what you need (or don’t need) the staff here have the answers.

For newbies to hockey, Pro Life is the best starting line!

Once you’ve laced up, it’s time to hit the ice. Click here to find all the Durham Region arenas where you can take to the ice and brush up on those skating skills! I took our kids to Luther Vipond Arena last year, and I’m not sure who had a harder time on the ice, me or the kids. It sure was fun, though, and I really look forward to seeing our son excel in lessons. If playing hockey is in his future, I know Durham Region’s a great place to foster that love, that’s for sure!

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