Mother’s Day Mom’s Way

child's hand holding flower

Mother’s Day Mom’s Way

child's hand holding flower

Kids, I’ve got a secret for you: Your mom doesn’t need you to spend oodles of money on a gift this Mother’s Day, she just wants some quiet time, a little pampering, and ok, maybe a great meal. I’m willing to bet that most moms don’t want to get dressed up on Mother’s Day, either, so why not consider something more conversational and casual this year? There are tons of options for fantastic meals at PenWec, and Durham Region boasts some of the best places to visit.

Here, let me help you plan. (Psst, hey family, here’s what I want to do. . .)

Breakfast In Bed
Take a look at some adorable ideas like THESE and start planning now.

Perfectly Thoughtful Gifts
It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just has to be thoughtful. A handmade card and gift, or something from this perfectly curated list would do.

A Fantastic Lunch Out
Have you seen the menu at the new Wild Burger location at PenWec? Drool. I mean, seriously: Wild Poutine Supreme? Sign me up. The menu at Wild Burger is anything but ordinary, and it turns a casual meal out into an adventure. Moms like controlled adventures, we just don’t like the kind that involve our kids, skateboards and stairs.

Some Alone Time
I know, you love your mama and want to smother her with love. Trust me when I say you can love her best by giving her a couple of hours uninterrupted and alone. We moms are on the job 24/7 and there’s no better way to recharge than to take a time out. A nice manicure, pedicure, or even just time to go somewhere on our own and pamper ourselves — it’s precious. And we’ll return happy and ready for that nice dinner you’re making us!

Some Family Time
This is the best time of year to enjoy being outdoors — and Durham Region is full of beautiful places to visit. Go for a walk in a conservation area, stroll the beach, or wander through garden centres. Just enjoy some time together.

Dinner At Home
I love it when my family cooks for me. My husband’s an awesome chef, and I feel spoiled when they take the time to menu plan and create something delicious together. Our daughter loves to bake, and our son is a great sous chef. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to mean a lot.

This Mother’s Day, show your mom you love her with some thoughtful choices.

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