Landmark Cinemas – Transforming Your Movie Experience

Landmark Cinemas – Transforming Your Movie Experience

If you like a bit of luxury with your movie viewing experience, have we got the theatres for you! Landmark Cinemas have been working had to convert the theatre’s auditoriums to Premium Powered Recliner Seating. That’s right! The traditional theatre seats are being replaced with comfortable, roomy recliners. You’ll be watching your favourite films in more comfort than you’ve ever experienced, aside from your own couch at home.

Sound good? Of course it does! The renovation initially focused on 6 of the auditoriums, and these first ones are anticipated to re-open on Thursday, October 11th, 2017. (We’ll keep you posted!) Conversion of the remaining auditoriums to recliner seating is scheduled for completion in April 2018.

Naturally, these upgrades will result in fewer seats in each theatre, as the recliners take up more space. Roomier seats mean a significant increase in personal space and a more relaxing, disruption-free movie-going experience. Free reserved seating is also part of the theatre’s premium offering. Reserved seating tickets may be purchased at or through ATOM Tickets, the first-of-its-kind theatrical mobile ticketing platform and app that provides relevant reviews, trailers and film synopses information to make the your movie-going experience hassle-free.

Recliner auditorium completed (CNW Group/Landmark Cinemas)

“As we looked at new strategies to enhance the Guest Experience, we reviewed a variety of options being deployed throughout the world. It was critical to provide our guests with a premium movie-going experience without the premium price. The all recliner model, with the added value of complimentary reserved seating, is one we feel will resonate with our guests and provide a compelling reason to attend the movies more frequently,” said Bill Walker, Chief Operating Officer Landmark Cinemas. “And, there’s no questions,” continues Walker, “experiencing a movie in the comfort of a premium-powered recliner theatre seat is a transformative experience and we are confident that movie lovers in Whitby, and the greater Durham region will agree.”

Just for fun, here’s a time-lapse video of the renovation of one of the auditoriums. Quite the transformation indeed!

Landmark’s IMAX® experience, its concession stand and commons areas are all undergoing extensive renovations and enhancements to create a market-leading movie-going experience for movie lovers throughout the Durham region. This will be THE place to be.

What do you think? Will be one of the first to experience this reclining seating? See you at the movies!

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